STORY BOOK ROAD is a four piece classic country band with a heavy emphasis on strong vocals and beautifully mastered three part harmony.  The band consists of Mike Coker a local Pasadena boy on lead guitar /vocals , Trevor Reifel guitar/lead vocals, Art Elder bass guitar/vocals and Bruce Randall drums/vocals.

Trevor is the young front man in the band and has the right ingredient to add to the seasoned experience of the other band member's years of playing in numerous other bands.  Mike, Trevor and Bruce share the lead vocal duties each bringing their unique styles to the bands sound.

Story Book Road plays in and around Houston, including Alvin, Brazoria, Needville, Pasadena, Texas City, Baytown, and Dayton Texas.  The band opened for Johnny Lee at the Galveston County Fair in 2017. 

The Band has been together since 2013 and building an incredible reputation and following as result of their classic country song repertoire and their unique arrangements of the material.

 The band is well rehearsed and adamant on bringing the best possible listening experiences to their audiences. many clubs, people start dancing on the first song and don't stop until the last.

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In Memory of

Steve Hunter

Steve Hunter

All of the members of Story Book Road give remembrance to Mr. Steve Hunter for his dedication and creative energy as one of the founding members, drummer and vocalist for the first four years of the band performing together.  Steve passed away in June of 2017 and will always have a place of loving recognition as we continue the journey down Story Book Road